De Beers

A pioneer in the world of high-jewelry, the De Beers name has been synonymous with luxury, and of course diamonds since the late 19th century. Over 125 years ago, De Beers began its quest for the finest diamonds in the world. Today, the group remains the world?s leading diamond company with unrivalled expertise in the exploration and mining of diamonds throughout the world. Always a pioneer in their field, De Beers is responsible for creating the ?4 C?s,? a grading system still used in the industry to this day.

What De Beers is best known for however, is the world renowned slogan, ?A Diamond is Forever;? a marketing campaign whose popularity has never waned. During the Victorian era, diamond mining became a big business in South Africa. By 1872, diamond mines produced more than a million carats of diamonds per year, and the market was flooded with the precious stone. As production continued to increase, diamonds became more available and were no longer seen as a luxury afforded by only the wealthy and nobility. Finally the diamond engagement ring had become the norm for many westerners until post World War I when finances were tight for many. During the Great Depression, the popularity of diamond engagement rings dropped tremendously as one would expect during times of such financial hardship. It seemed that the diamond engagement ring had seen its last days until De Beers began their ?A Diamond is Forever? marketing campaign to boost the popularity of diamonds and of course, their business.

Today, De Beers is just as popular as ever, and continues to branch out into the global market. With a name as prevalent as this, it is certain De Beers will continue to endure and produce some of the finest jewels the world will ever see.
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