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David Yurman Inc. is a privately held American designer jewelry company named after its founder. Yurman began his artistic career at a very young age selling miniature sculptures he created in his school cafeteria. As a young man, Yurman began to hone his artistic skills under the apprenticeship of renowned sculptors Theodore Roszak and Jacques Lipchitz. After a few colorful, adventure-filled years which included stints at a Beatnik artist colony and the founding of Putnam Art Works with wife Sybil Kleinrock, Yurman was able to gain the expertise needed to build a jewelry empire.

By 1980, Yurman officially had a brand. Soon after, he caused a sensation in the jewelry world with the creation of his iconic cable bracelet; a twisted helix adorned with gemstones on its finial ends. Since then, the company has become world famous and has created jewelry and watch collections for both men and women. At Luxury Bazaar, we regularly stock new, rare, and iconic Yurman designs that you would be hard pressed to find. Please, feel free to browse our collection of this legendary jewelry brand.

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The first David Yurman bracelet was released in 1982 and, to this day, it is the jewelry founder’s most iconic piece: the twisted helix cable bracelet. This one-of-a-kind gemstone-capped bracelet has a timeless appeal that many have sought to imitate. The cable bracelet’s inspiration came from the intertwined cables of the Brooklyn Bridge, as well as Greek and Minoan jewelry. Cable bracelets can be purchased in silver or a combination silver and gold. Depending on which collection they are from, stones and precious gems are added, which truly bring the bracelet to life. The signature cable bracelet is by far one of the most unique and stylish pieces David Yurman has ever envisioned.

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Today, David Yurman has a wide variety of iconic jewelry collections that luxury connoisseurs all over the globe have come to appreciate. In our inventory, you'll find pieces from Albion, a collection that was initially launched in the mid-1990s and is considered by many to be the brand's modern masterpiece. Amongst this collection, jewelry enthusiasts will find stunning and colorful cushion-cut gemstone designs that continuously redefine how jewelry is worn.

David Yurman Jewelry Suitable for Everyone

For 30 years David Yurman, the ambassador of his world-renowned jewelry brand, has set a new standard for quality American luxury items. Women who purchase rings, bracelets, cuffs, and necklaces feel as though they belong to an exclusive club when they own these precious metal and stone pieces. What’s best about the many collections David Yurman has established throughout the years is every piece has an undeniable versatility, easily adjusting to suit any personality and style. The possibilities are endless: a bold Albion ring, a rich and elegant cable bracelet with delicate gemstones on either end, or a simple, petite pendant necklace. Perpetually an innovator in the industry, David Yurman continues to stand out with his non-traditional, alluring, and inventive designs.
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