David Webb

David Webb’s story in the jewelry world begins in 1941 when at the age of 16 he left his home in Asheville, North Carolina to begin a life in New York City. His jewelry making expertise was quickly noticed by Antoinette Quilleret, a French woman who financially backed Webb and helped him to form David Webb Inc. in 1948.

Within a few years, David Webb had established himself as a hot Manhattan jeweler. The 50’s and 60’s marked a period of growth and trailblazing for the company and Webb created some of his most lucrative pieces that referenced the beauty found around us in the natural world. Always a visionary and “in the know” in regard to the fashions, Webb continued to be a fashion fixture in the 70’s with his designs that spoke to the styles of the era. Sadly, Webb passed away in the mid 70’s, but he left behind a brand seeped with tradition and a strong following. Today, the brand still relies heavily on the soul that Webb infused into the brand and his gorgeous creations.

At Luxury Bazaar, we regularly receive classic designs from the brand that cannot be found anywhere else. For a taste of distinctly American jewelry, look no further than our collection of David Webb designs.
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