Chopard Jewelry

For over 150 years, the Chopard brand has stood as a symbol of ingenuity and excellence in watchmaking. Traditionally specializing in pocket watches and chronometers, Chopard has since expanded its offerings to include watches for both ladies and gentlemen, as well as highly fashionable jewelry. Find amazing deals on authentic Chopard timepieces and jewelry online at Luxury Bazaar.

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Chopard Jewelry, Watches, & Accessories For Sale Online


Who is the founder of Chopard jewelry?

Louis-Ulysse Chopard, who learned the artisanal watchmaking trade at a very young age, began his own company in Switzerland in 1860. He quickly built a reputation for excellence by securing prestigious commissions, including one from the Swiss Railways. Chopard set his sights on the market in Eastern Europe, and eventually became the supplier of watches and chronographs to Tsar Nicholas II of Russia.


Chopard’s son took over the company following his death in 1915 and moved his company’s center of operations to Geneva, which allowed his watches to be certified with the Geneva Seal for watch movements. Chopard’s grandson took charge in 1943, but since his sons were not interested in taking over, he sought out someone to buy the company who not only appreciated the level of craftsmanship and artistry that went into each Chopard timepiece but also possessed the necessary skills to head a company of this magnitude. He found such a buyer in Karl Scheufele III, who owned a watch and jewelry company in Germany at the time. The Scheufele family has proudly continued the Chopard tradition since 1963.


For over 150 years, the Chopard brand has stood as a symbol of ingenuity and excellence when it comes to creating beautiful watches, accessories, and jewelry, including Chopardrings, earrings, and bracelets. Traditionally specializing in pocket watches and chronometers, Chopard has since expanded its offerings to include watches and jewelry for both ladies and gentlemen, as well as highly fashionable accessories.


Chopard Watches


From the acquisition by the Scheufele family, the Chopard maison has manufactured an essential part of its collection in ladies’ watches. Collections like the Happy Diamonds and the Happy Sports have become an icon of luxury watchmaking for ladies. 


Also, the company has created some well-endowed, complicated calibers which have become the core of its men’s references, the classic L.U.C. collection of dress watches and the Mille Miglia, dedicated to the luxury sports fans.


1 - L.U.C. line


Chopard LUC


The L.U.C. collection is the most traditional of the company. It offers a wide variety of great-looking luxury dress models, from the most elegant extra-flat two-hand models to the most complicated timepieces (up to 14 complications for the top reference of the maison, the L.U.C. All-in-One). 


Extensive attention to detail characterizes the production: the dials are a work of art in themselves, with beautiful finishes and delicate guilloche engravings, and the materials, like gold, are sourced from the most cherry-picked suppliers that meet specific environmental and ethical standards. 



2 - Mille Miglia line


Chopard Mille Miglia


The Mille Miglia collection is a somewhat accessible watch line dedicated to the iconic car race of the same name - and the company releases a new limited edition dedicated to this race for every edition of the Mille Miglia. The sports racing design elements become style features inside the watches belonging to this collection, with its distinctive 1960s look that is so en-vogue today.


The collection is composed of two main niches: the traditional Mille Miglia, which remains pretty similar to the first release of this watch in 1988, and the Mille Miglia Gran Turismo, which interprets the model with a more modern twist. Of course, the main focus of the collection is on luxury sports timepieces.


3 - Happy Diamonds line


Chopard Happy Diamonds


The Happy Diamonds collection is an exquisite watch line that represents a sort of cross-over between the best Swiss watchmaking and the suggestions of high-end jewelry. The iconic element of these beautiful ladies’ watches is a set of diamonds that move around the dial, between two panes of sapphire glass. 


The collection comes from the intuition of Karl Scheufele (and possibly, his wife Karin Ruf), and through the years, it has represented a massive success for the maison. A real attention-getter from this line is the Happy Diamonds 32, where the diamonds move freely around an outer case section of the watch, seemingly floating in mid-air.


4 - Happy Sports line



The Happy Sports line takes the concept of the Happy Diamonds and applies it to a collection of luxury sports watches for ladies. The effect is of a light-hearted luxury that suits itself for maximum flexibility.


While in the Happy Diamonds collection, the result is more jewelry-like, the Happy Sport becomes a sort of perfectly-balanced daily beater that you can wear for any occasion, elegant or more casual. The style of the watch, with its distinctive lugs displaying a sort of protruding button, create a sort of frame where the loose diamonds move freely.


Chopard Watch Models & Prices

Current Approximate Price List By Line/Model


The L.U.C. line 

The L.U.C. is the direct descendant of the original dress watches issued by the maison, and stem their exquisite design from the pocket watches of the early 1900s. The XP and XPS are the ultra-thin versions, while the L.U.C. 1937 takes its direct inspiration from pocket watches. You find many complicated versions, as well.



type: dress watch

material: stainless steel, gold, platinum

functions: date/day, GMT, would time, moon phase, chronograph, perpetual calendar, minute repeater, tourbillon.


The XP and XPS are slim dress watches of 7 mm of thickness, with two or three hands, and go from around $5,000 for the stainless steel version to the $15,000 for the skeletonized gold one, up to the platinum version XPS with blue dial available for around $18,5000. There are also versions with diamond-studded dials which are available for around $40,000.

The XPS Quattro features four barrels, giving it a 216-hour power reserve, a power reserve indicator, and a pointer date. You can find it around $19,000 for the gold version, upwards to $24,000 for the platinum version. The addition of diamonds on the bezel makes the price soar to about $30,000.


The L.U.C. collection features an array of complicated watches. Travelers enjoy the GMT and world time models. The GMT start from around $7,500 for the steel version to $14,000 for the gold versions, and the world timers go from $10,000 upwards to $28,000 for the platinum version.


The L.U.C. Lunar One features a perpetual calendar with moon phase indicator and goes from $40,000 for the gold version to over $60,000 for the platinum one. A particular version with an added chronograph sells for about $95,000.


Alternatively, the gold-case Lunar Big Date, featuring only the lunar phase display but no perpetual calendar, is more affordable, at $23,000, while the gold-cased Chrono One, featuring a flyback chrono movement only, can be found at around $29,000.


The L.U.C. also offers some models of haute horlogerie, like the All-in-One, with 14 different complications - the most significant timepiece from the maison, featuring almost everything that you would need in a watch, for a price around $400,000 for the gold version and $470,000 for the platinum one. It has a less endowed version, the Perpetual T, with a perpetual calendar, outsize date, and tourbillon, which can be bought for around $120,000 for the gold version and $170,000 for the platinum one. The Full Strike is instead the minute repeater watch of the maison, displaying a gorgeous skeletonìzed movement, and costs around $275,000.


The Mille Miglia line


The Mille Miglia is the sports watch interpreted by Chopard. This collection takes the most traditional elements from the racing world of the 1960s and presents them in a timeless, beautiful shape. The line is divided into two: the Main Mille Miglia, which is a racing chronograph with three subdials, and the Mille Miglia Gran Turismo, with a less traditional design.


Mille Miglia

type: luxury sports watch

material: stainless steel, gold, diamonds, titanium

functions: date/day, power reserve, chronographer.


The main reference is the Mille Miglia Classic, which follows the original design from 1988 very closely. It is available from $2,500 upwards to almost $30,000 for the gold-cased Classic XL limited edition. 

The yearly editions of the Mille Miglia, released by the company exclusively for the race, are limited editions which offer different finishings, dials, and designs, and vary from around $2,500 to $8,000.


The Mille Miglia Gran Turismo collection has a much sportier, modern look and is available also in titanium. The watch prices go from $3,500 for the steel versions to $6,000 for the titanium ones to $16,000 for the gold versions.


The Happy Diamonds line


The Happy Diamonds collection debuted in 1976 and came from the intuition of the Scheufele family. It is the typical jewelry watch: an ornamental piece that also tells the time, and makes it with a light-hearted mood. The signature freely-moving diamonds appear to float around the dial and render the watches both elegant and playful.


Happy Diamonds

type: jewelry watch 

material: gold, diamonds, with semi-precious stones and mother of pearl details

functions: date/day.


The collection features a wide selection of models with different shapes and styles. Basically, the difference in price comes from the number of free diamonds present in the watch, which usually varies from 5 to 15, plus the smaller gems set on the bezels and the dials.


Some of the dials are made in semi-precious stones, like lapis-lazuli, or mother of pearl, and intricately guilloched.


You can find prices from $3,500 upwards for the more straightforward references (the Icons series) to around $8,500 for the more ornate ones featuring semi-precious stones, upwards to $13,000 for the larger versions with more diamonds (up to 15). The most upscale special editions can rise to around $30,000.


The Happy Sports line


The Happy Sports line is a luxury sports watch collection designed exclusively for Ladies, and offers an impressive array of different references. The Happy Sports mounts either quartz or mechanical calibers and combines them with a playful design that makes the collection stand out from the usual.


Happy Sports

type: jewelry sports watch 

material: gold, diamonds, gems, with semi-precious stones and mother of pearl details

functions: date/day.


The Happy Sports collection features many different models. The shape of the case is different, as well as the material, and the presence of gems on the case and bracelets. However, the line is distinguished by its sporty elements, like the solid lugs giving to this collection a particular, assertive charm. 


The smaller, quartz-based versions are the most affordable, starting from around $3,000 for the most straightforward models in steel, upwards to $12,000 for the diamond-studded bezel ones, to double that for the diamonds-pavé dial models.

If you want the gold-cased models, these values range from $11,000 to $32,000.


The mechanical-based watches start from around $5,000 for the simpler references upwards to $8,000 for the models decorated with semi-precious stones and diamonds and rise to $15,000, depending on the model. 


The top of the line is the Happy Sport Tourbillon Joaillerie, in white gold and paved with diamonds. This dazzling watch costs around $450,000.


There is also a very interesting model available: a ladies diver watch called Happy Ocean. It features a 300 meters water resistance and everything you expect from a "real" diving watch, plus the customary free-floating diamonds.  You can find it for around $5,000.


Is Chopard Jewelry a Good Investment?

A high-end jewelry brand like Chopard is a great investment, as reflected in Chopard’s exquisite designs and sophisticated delivery. Authentic gold Chopard jewelry holds its value and continues to demonstrate opulence and luxury for years to come. 


Will I Get a Better Deal if I Purchase Chopard Jewelry Online?

Buying Chopard jewelry online will save you the exorbitant amount you’ll be expected to pay from a traditional brick and mortar retail store. At Luxury Bazaar, not only will you find affordable and stunning gold jewelry, but all of our Chopard products exhibit authenticity, finesse, and unmatched levels of quality.


Luxury Collections

Luxury Bazaar has brand new pieces, as well as estate accessories, and jewelry, such as Chopard necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets for sale online. The Chopard brand also offers luxury timepieces from the following collections:


Happy Diamonds: Perhaps the most well-known collection from Chopard is the Happy Diamonds Collection. The unconventional design first appeared in 1976, with a watch that featured diamonds gliding freely between two sapphire crystals. The playful collection includes an array of watches, jewelry, and accessories for both ladies and gents who appreciate the subtle attention to detail. A perfect balance of casual and elegant, they can easily transition from a day at the office to a night on the town.


Classic Racing: In 1988, Chopard partnered with the Mille Miglia race, a classic car rally which is held each year in Northern Italy. The Classic Racing series draws inspiration from the thrilling world of motorsports, including precise movements and chronometers with distinctive, athletic styling. Automobile enthusiasts and jewelry connoisseurs alike will enjoy the bold designs of the entire Classic Racing series. Each year, Chopard creates a limited edition model to commemorate the Mille Miglia.


Imperiale: Boasting timeless elegance worthy of royalty, the Imperiale collection is inspired by the majesty of the great empires in history. Each piece exhibits an exceptional level of craftsmanship. Exuding both power and femininity, an Imperiale watch is the perfect gift to buy for the empress in your life.


L.U.C.: Named after the founder himself, the L.U.C. collection features classic designs to suit gentlemen with highly refined tastes. The high-precision mechanisms are a testament to the enduring quality of Chopard timepieces during the brand’s long history. Several watches also meet the rigorous criteria for the Fleurier Quality Foundation, or “Poinçon de Genève.” The L.U.C. Tech collection incorporates cutting-edge technical complications, while the L.U.C. Urushi collection features dials decorated with Japanese lacquer. 


Buy Chopard Jewelry for Sale Online

When searching for authentic Chopard products, look no further than Luxury Bazaar, which has hundreds of exquisite new, used, and pre-owned watches and jewelry for sale online. Browse our website for luxury Chopard estate jewelry today!