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If you appreciate the exclusive and unique jewelry creations designed and released by Chimento, Luxury Bazaar is exactly where you need to buy your next collection of authentic Chimento jewelry online. In our inventory, you'll find a variety of stunning Chimento necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and even engagement rings that will take any proposal from ordinary to extraordinary.

All About Luxury Jewelry Designer Chimento

Like many other Italian fine jewelry companies, Chimento was founded in Grisignano di Zocco, a province of Vicenza and an area that’s known for being the seat of Italy’s goldsmith tradition. Specifically, the company was founded by Adriano Chimento in 1964. According to Chimento, he wanted to establish a jewelry brand that was wholly dedicated to women who adore both contemporary designs and classic styles, and who want to experience the thrill of adorning themselves with a precious jewel each day.

Over the years, two generations of the Chimento family have continued to own and operate the company, and their headquarters continues to thrive in Grisignano di Zocco. The family-owned and operated company still puts an emphasis on studying design and fashion trends, and they consistently research the most up-to-date technological solutions so they can bring the greatest jewelry pieces to the market.

Like Adriano Chimento, all his relatives have a passion for both the business and the traditional methods it was founded upon. The family remains proud to have the Chimento logo imprinted upon all jewelry they create, and they even provide their customers with an international guarantee that includes a proof of authenticity and a certificate of insurance. In all, the brand continues to create innovative designs with the finest materials for today’s fashion-conscious customer.

About Chimento Jewelry

Chimento has long used 18K gold to create some of their most elegant jewelry creations. In addition, all of their jewelry is widely known for having strong characteristics and standout designs. Every piece exhibits the marks of quality workmanship and production along with outstanding hand finishes. The brand has a variety of jewelry collections, and many of the pieces feature gold, precious gemstones, and scintillating diamonds. Some of their collections include, but are not limited to, Armillas, Bamboo, Hearts, Double, and Stretch. Lastly, ladies don’t need to be a star like Jennifer Lopez—a well-known admirer of the brand—to wear Chimento jewelry. In fact, no matter what type of lady you are, there’s a jewelry piece waiting for you on our website from this Italian jewelry designer.

If you’d like a taste of Italian glamor, look no further than our wide array of Chimento jewelry. Our selection of Chimento jewelry displays the luxury brand’s jewelry making virtuosity to the fullest extent. We also have a collection that boasts an array of gorgeous gold jewelry, some set with diamonds, colored gemstones, or even both. We update our inventory every day, so if you want to buy the newest and most authentic Chimento jewelry online, Luxury Bazaar will have everything you want and much more. To speak with a representative regarding our collection of Chimento jewelry, please call or email us.
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