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The History of Chaumet Jewelry


Chaumet is one of the most prestigious jewelry brands in the world and has a vibrant and traditional history on which it built its foundation. In 1780, Marie-Étienne Nitot, the founder of Chaumet, opened La Bijouterie Nitot after apprenticing to the official court jeweler of King Louis XIV and Queen Marie-Antoinette. He began to get aristocratic clientele, including Joséphine de Beauharnais, future wife of Napoléon Bonaparte. As time passed, jewelry and diamonds from Nitot became a substantial component of Bonaparte’s lifestyle. From there, his jewelry became a staple of France.

In 1885, Joseph Chaumet took control of the company after it had a few other successors. He renamed the company after himself and drew influence from Japanese art and scrollwork inspired by nature.

In 1907, he moved the workshop and boutique to 12 Place Vendôme, where it still stands today. There have been a few successors since then that have been in the Chaumet family line. Though the company fluctuated at a few points, it remains as one of the most influential and classic silver and gold jewelry designers in the world. Chaumet is not merely a jewelry company, but it is also a boutique, salon, and landmark that jewelry enthusiasts throughout the world admire.

Chaumet luxury jewelry items are found in 80 stores in major cities all over the world, including Paris, Tokyo, London, Sydney, Hong Kong, and Moscow. The luxury jewelry company has a vast network of authorized retailers, with a total of 450 points of sales locations. Several of these include web retailers, where customers can also purchase Chaumet luxury items for sale online. The Chaumet workshop and boutique is located in Place Vendôme, a prominent feature on the square in the 1st arrondissement of Paris.


Is it safe to buy Chaumet Jewelry online?

It is safe if you buy from authorized and trusted retailers. To safely buy Chaumet jewelry online, Luxury Bazaar is the perfect destination. While other websites may sell your information to third-party companies, leave their pages unencrypted, or dupe their customers into buying counterfeit or overpriced merchandise, Luxury Bazaar has an exceptional inventory of Chaumet jewelry for sale online for unbeatable prices. We also guarantee authentic Chaumet merchandise and air-tight customer privacy policies and securities.


Will Chaumet jewelry increase in value?

Chaumet is one of the oldest brands of fine jewelry in the world, and the quality of the brand’s jewelry, from silver and gold necklaces and rings to diamond earrings and pendants, is beyond compare, making its vintage jewelry worth more and more each year. When you buy Chaumet jewelry, you are entering into its incomparable legacy of elegance and finery the brand has developed over the last two centuries. Chaumet jewelry will increase in value every year, especially if you take care of the pieces. Gold, silver, diamonds, and other precious gems are always in demand, and, when they are a part of a piece with the Chaumet name, the value will continue to climb.


Where can I find vintage Chaumet jewelry online?

Although Chaumet’s online store has an exceptional assortment of luxuriant jewelry, the brand has very few vintage and estate options. For those looking for vintage Chaumet jewelry for sale online, Luxury Bazaar has a wide selection of  vintage rings, necklaces, pendants, and earrings in 18K yellow gold, white gold, diamond, and more. Each designer piece is traced with an intricate design, and some are accented with precious jewels such as emeralds, sapphires, rubies, and more. These pieces are already valuable due to their association with the Chaumet name, but their age and rarity make them all the more valuable.


To respect Chaumet’s rich history, its 14 artisans still create all special orders and jewelry by hand. Chaumet still controls all the design and production of its jewelry, which is then distributed by retailers such as Luxury Bazaar. Jewelry enthusiasts and luxury connoisseurs are encouraged to buy Chaumet earrings, Chaumet rings, and other luxury pieces online from Luxury Bazaar. We proudly distribute this beautiful and timeless brand to preserve its elegance and tradition in the jewelry industry.