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Luxury Bazaar has plenty of authentic Bovet timepieces for both ladies and gents available for sale online. Bovet is a watchmaking company with a rich history that dates back nearly 200 years. Edouard Bovet was born in Fleurier, Switzerland, in 1797. Following in the footsteps of his father, a master watchmaker, Bovet studied horology with his brothers. As a young man, he traveled to Canton, China, and sold several watches there that fetched a high price. Bovet took up residence in China, while two of his brothers set up trading operations in London, and another of his brothers took charge of manufacturing back home in Fleurier. In 1822, the Bovet brand was officially established.

Bovet’s watches were so popular in the Chinese market that the name “Bovet” became synonymous with the word “watch.” Collectors would buy the prized timepieces as objets d’art, as they were often painted with intricately detailed flowers and landscapes. Bovet was also one of the first watch manufacturers to use a glass-covered back, allowing for a glimpse at the complex internal workings.

What makes Bovet watches so unique?

Exquisite enameling: Many of Bovet’s watches feature lovely enamel work that depicts delicate motifs from nature. The company also occasionally produces made-to-order watches with unique enamel paintings which may take nearly 100 hours to complete, and need to be fired in the kiln dozens of times. Today, lacquer is used in place of enamel as it is a more shock-resistant medium. Most of the paintings are created on a mother-of-pearl dial. Its natural iridescence showcases the minute details of each work of art.

“Fleurisanne” engravings: It was not just the beautiful paintings that caused Bovet watches to become so popular in China; in the 19th century, one of the hallmarks of a Bovet watch was the intricate engraved patterns that covered the dial, the case, and even the bridges of movements. Thanks to the clear back of the dial, collectors were able to appreciate the incredible attention the detail.

Amadeo case: The Amadeo case is an innovative, convertible case concept which is available on all newer models of Bovet watches. Without using any tools, the timepiece can be transformed from a wristwatch into a pocket watch or pendant watch. The incorporation of a specially-designed stand also allows it to function as an elegant table clock.

Seven-day tourbillon: The seven-day, self-winding tourbillon is a feature unique to Bovet watches. Each one is precisely crafted and a joy to observe.

Serpentine hands: Some of the wristwatches feature “serpentine” hands, another stylish component that has been popular since the 19th century. The subtle undulating line adds a characteristic flair that is not found on other watches.

Bovet is one of the few traditional European watchmaking companies that employs women artisans, as the craft still tends to be dominated by men. The company continues to garner awards with their dedication to an unsurpassed level of artistry and craftsmanship.

Collectors and enthusiasts who are eager to buy one of these extravagant watches online should know that Luxury Bazaar is proud to offer an extensive variety of authentic Bovet watches for sale. To see what we have available, just browse our site.
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