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Although Bedat & Co., founded in 1996, is a relatively new name in the world of Swiss watchmakers, the company’s craftsmanship and techniques are firmly rooted in the Swiss tradition. Madame Simone Bédat had spent the majority of her life working for other luxury watchmakers, but she was frustrated by the lack of timepieces designed for women, as well as the fact that the watchmaking industry remained a male-dominated arena. In her own words, Bedat & Co. is “a luxury timepiece brand founded by a woman for women.” Rather than scaling down a watch designed for a man, Bedat & Co. creates their watches specifically with the desires of their female clientele in mind.

Each piece embodies both the elegance and power of today’s busy woman with unmistakable Art Deco design inspirations. They use only high-quality metals and diamonds in their work so that each watch radiates with beauty on the wearer’s wrist. A unique trait of Bedat & Co. watches is that the number eight on the dial is always represented by the company’s logo, which looks similar to the Arabic numeral “8,” even when the rest of the numerals are Roman.

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Bedat & Co. Collections

Each collection has a very distinctive appearance by adhering to a certain case shape. The collections are numbered; however, the numbers were chosen for their symbolism rather than for sequential order.

No 1 Collection: First introduced in 2003, the No 1 timepieces feature a square-shaped dial with a subtle curve at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock. The number one represents new beginnings and self-affirmation, which is evident in the geometric, straightforward design.

No 2 Collection: The number two is symbolic of a union of two complementary elements. Not only do the oval-shaped No 2 watches feature a double bezel, but they also represent the blending of the classic with the contemporary. In Chinese culture, the number two also stands for Yin, which is the embodiment of femininity.

No 3 Collection: Three is a mystical number of great importance in several world religions, often representing perfection or unity. The No 3 Collection stands out with its unusual “tonneau” shape, which is curved at 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock. Introduced in 1997, these watches were some of the first unveiled at the company’s debut at Baselworld.

No 7 Collection: The No 7 models showcase Bedat & Co.’s take on the rectangular shape, which is waisted at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock. Some models feature feminine pink dials, while others have exquisite diamond-set bezels. Symbolically, the number seven represents eternal life in Ancient Egyptian mythology. It can also stand for hindsight or awareness.

No 8 Collection: Just like the number itself, the No 8 collection features round-shaped cases. Not only is the figure eight symbol representative of the Bedat & Co. brand, but it also signifies prosperity, harmony, and the infinite.

Extravaganza: The brand’s haute couture line of watches, Extravaganza, offers unique pieces of artistry with bold and ultra-feminine designs. Crafted with the utmost care, these watches will add a touch of glamor to any ensemble.

Those looking to purchase a watch that embodies the female spirit, either for themselves or for a loved one, are encouraged to browse our selection of authentic Bedat & Co. watches.
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