Asch/Grossbardt is world renowned for their inlaid gold jewelry-making expertise. Their designs are truly exceptional and provide a breath of fresh air into the world of fine jewelry. Asch/Grossbardt designs are truly exceptional because they are made based on the ancient jewelry-making tradition of mosaics which was perfected during the Renaissance. The meticulously made inlaid jewelry closely resembles the beautiful stained glass windows of old European cathedrals; many of which were built during the Renaissance. Unlike many other modern pieces that have similar designs, Asch/Grossbardt pieces are not made with enamel. The creation of all Asch/Grossbardt jewelry involves hand-cutting and setting small pieces of gemstones to create an elaborate mosaic pattern. After the jewelry is set, artisans smooth out the surfaces so that the medley of stones sit flush against each other, and seamlessly create one piece comprised of a rainbow of colors. Designs from the brand are regularly referred to as
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