Angela Cummings

Praised by critics and adored by customers, Angela Cummings is known for her innovation, intricate designs, and her uncompromising attention to even the smallest of details. The designer had an auspicious start designing for Tiffany & Company. In 1975 Cummings applied her accumulated skill and experience to her first full collection under her own name, furthering her prominence in the industry.
Inspired by nature, the designer incorporates the natural beauty of leaves, spiderwebs, vines, shells, feathers, sea foam, dragonflies, and orchids into her work, capturing their inherent organic movement . Mixing precious materials with unconventional counterpoints such as wood also marks her distinct style, and to shake things up Cummings will occasionally conjure geometric pieces in her collections.
For undisputed beauty coupled with extreme comfort, Angela Cummings fine jewelry is a must!
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