Aaron Basha

Aaron Basha jewelry shows the world that those things with style do not always belong to people who are prim and proper. A stylish jewelry item can also belong to someone who is intent on having fun. Such an item frequently comes from the Madison Avenue boutique that is owned and operated by Aaron Basha.

Aaron Basha continues the retailing tradition begun by his family back in the 1950s. Once a small business, today Aaron Basha jewelry can be found at famous stores such as Saks, Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. In addition, the name ?Aaron Basha? has achieved international recognition.

Why is the name Aaron Basha synonymous with both style and fun? It is synonymous with fun because its Love Bug Collection has become one of its best-known collections. Of course, the creators of Aaron Basha jewelry do not spend all of their time making bug-shaped pins. A lover of jewelry can find Aaron Basha bracelets, Aaron Basha rings, Aaorn Basha earrings and Aaron Basha chains.

Within each category of Aaron Basha jewelry one finds jewelry pieces that contain one or more charms. The diverse array of charms sold by Aaron Basha jewelry serves to underline its association with fun. Aaron Basha sells some charms that are bells, and others that are whistles. Aaron Basha offers for sale both clown charms and choo choo train charms.

Young mothers often enjoy wearing Aaron Basha jewelry. They can identify with the stroller charms, the rocking horse charms and the teddy bear charms. Aaron Basha?s tiny depictions of airplanes, frogs and turtles give any young mother a fun way to add those words to her child?s growing vocabulary.

Parenting can be fun, and Aaron Basha jewelry helps to make it even more fun. Still, after a baby grows up, a parent can want a stylish way to recall the fun that the entire family had while a son or daughter was yet an infant. Aaron Basha jewelry gives parents a chance to satisfy that wish.

Aaron Basha jewelry has developed a special method for covering a pair of baby shoes in enamel. Once covered in enamel, an old pair of baby shoes undergoes an amazing transformation. It becomes a very stylish sort of accessory.

Now neither a man nor a woman is apt to wear a pair of enamel-covered baby shoes. Yet any pair of baby shoes that has been in the hands of the Aaron Basha jewelers can display the same style as a treasured display item in a home. In fact, many enamel covered baby shoes do go on display in the home.
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