Authentic Is What We Sell—and Who We Are

Authenticity is invaluable when it comes to the rare watches, jewelry, and luxury items we bring to you. And it begins with us. Indeed, authentic is as core to who we are, as it is to what we sell. It is why you can be confident in every transaction with us and in every item you buy.

Trusted Sources

The world of luxury watches is a small one when it comes to sources we trust. Trust is earned over time, transaction by transaction. We work with people we have known for years, who share our passion and expertise, and who have integrity we can depend on.

Expertise that Comes from Experience

We know what we sell. In every detail. We have seen hundreds of thousands of watches, both fake and genuine. Our deep knowledge of luxury brands, the way they are crafted, how they look and feel, and what is real. It comes from years of being passionate, insatiably curious watch aficionados.

Meticulous Inspection

While we can see a fake from miles away, we always take the time for meticulous, up-close inspections. We need to be absolutely sure of every single item we sell, so we never take anything for granted. It is only after intense scrutiny that we will put our promise to any piece. If we sell it, you can be confident that you are acquiring a genuine item.

Authenticity is the single most important part of our business, our people, what we sell, and how we operate. It is our promise to you. We make it without compromise.

While we are NOT an authorized dealer of any of the watch or jewelry brands that we sell, we do source our watches and brand name jewelry directly through authorized dealers and distributors. We thoroughly screen all of our vendors on a regular basis to make sure that they meet the high standards we set for all our business associates. Every high-end watch and jewelry manufacturer imprints a serial number on each of their pieces for identification purposes.

We guarantee that each item we sell bears the original manufacturer’s serial number intact and without any alterations. In rare cases, some brand-name jewelry pieces will not have a serial number, but this is only in the cases where the manufacturer themselves produced the piece without an imprint (usually due to size or design limitations).


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