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Léman Men's

    Blancpain Expresses Time With Innovative as Well as Simple Designs

    Luxury watches have a certain quality about them that distinguishes themfrom everyday timepieces that perform, but don’‘t excel. Blancpain’‘sengineering elements make them excel in a truly unique way. The BlancpainLeman Alarm is a traveler’‘s friend that has a modern feel and a dual timezone attitude.

    Perfectly adapted to today’‘s active lifestyle and tastes, the BlancpainLeman Alarm has a beautifully designed case in either white or red gold. Thecrown, screw-in sapphire window back, and push buttons all blend into anexquisite mixture of luxury and refinement. The leman Alarm iswater-resistant to 100 meters. The titanium case is 13.3 mm thick and 40 mmwide, and is available with a black or white dial. This GMT alarm,self-winding jewel-- in fact there are 38 jewels-- has a reserve powerindicator for the alarm mechanism, and it is available with a leather strap,a titanium bracelet, or a stainless steel bracelet.Blancpain Refuses to Manufacture a Quartz Watch for Several Reasons

    The philosophy behind the manufacturing of luxury timepieces is thefoundation for the finished product. Blancpain refuses to step out of theirwell-established niche and that decision has fueled the growth of thecompany.

    The customer base is a prime example of how diversity can exist withoutconflict. The Blancpain Leman Alarm attracts a quality-conscious consumerthat appreciates the finer things in life without compromising principles.The client that enjoys a Blancpain Leman Alarm is comfortable in New Yorkand at home in the desert of New Mexico. The Leman Alarm lover has a passionfor life and all the beauty in it.