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Grand Lange 1

    A. Lange & Söhne - Grand Lange

    A watch fit for the best-the Grande Lange. A history of how these luxury timepieces came into being and why they will make their mark on the world of horology.

    "We want to build the world's finest watches again," say A. Lange & Söhne master watchmakers. And A. Lange & Söhne's “Grand Lange” watch takes the world's finest watch to an even grander scale. Before, delving into this luxurious timepiece, it is important to discuss its antecedent.

    While the company itself has a rich German family heritage of crafting luxury watches, there is one moment that exemplifies magnificence. Post WWII, most of company was obliterated by Russian bombers; what survived was expropriated by the regime. Decades later, when Germany was reconciled, so was the company. While bombs destroyed the workshops, the knowledge of and passion for horology lived on within the family. Since this moment captured the great resilience of the company, they needed a watch that would match; and the Lange 1 watch was born.

    In an effort to continue family's heritage of passion, resilience, ingenuity and triumph, its sibling, the Grand Lange was created. Always striving to be the best, this luxury timepiece delivers. The bigger case diameter allows the signature features of the Lange 1 – the unique displays over a silver dial – remains unchanged. Additionally, the quality precision that is synonymous with A. Lange & Söhne is never compromised. In the tradition of grandness, the hour, minute, and small seconds have been magnified due to the larger timepiece; this is the watch for the successful individual who believes in going big or not at all. Despite, it's larger size, the watch still has a potent power reserve of three days when fully wound. This watch is shock-proof and timed for accuracy in five different positions; meanwhile the watch goes through 21,600 semi-oscillations per hour. But this opulence is not limited to the machine's technology, every crevice (even the ones that are not visible) is full of it. Treasure like gold, platinum, sapphire-crystal, unadulterated German silver, and fifty-three synthetic ruby jewels make up this luxury watch.