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Le Brassus Complications

    Coming in either platinum or gold varieties, the Blancpain BrassusTourbillon is clearly a cut above the rest in the luxury watch industry. Thedesigners and manufacturers evidently have performance and class in mindwhen coming up with this outstanding timepiece.

    These men’‘s luxury timepieces come with a case made of either platinum or 18karat pink or red gold. The watches with the platinum case have a dazzlingrow of gold which complement its features. To make it more interesting, thisluxury timepiece comes with a sapphire crystal skeleton back. The casediameter of this watch is 42 mm and is 10.7mm thick. Its case is securelyheld in place by a crocodile leather strap (brown) equipped with a gold orplatinum folding clasp.

    It has perhaps one of the busiest dials found on any of the world’‘s luxurywatches. Complications include date, day, month and moon phase. It is madewith automatic self winding movement with up to 40 hours power reserve. Thewatch is made true to the watchmakers high standards and tradition of a highdegree of elegance as it features a majestic 18 karat gold bezel.

    The watch is designed to incorporate the many admirable features in to onewatch resulting in the ultimate combination of a perpetual calendar and achronograph, one measuring the longest range of one year and the other theshortest, a few seconds. The crown of this luxurious watch is screwed down,which makes it water resistance up to a depth of 100 meters.

    If you are looking for a high performance luxury watch capable of givingdiverse and accurate measures of time, the Blancpain Brassus Tourbillon issurely the way to go, you can never go wrong with these luxury watches.