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Moon Dust DNA

    The Moon Dust DNA is the latest in the popular DNA line of Romain Jerome watches. In these, a single dramatic event is captured in vivid detail. The Moon Dust DNA commemorates this especial occasion and the memory of those who were involved. Every feature in this luxury timepiece is carefully structured. Even the number of pieces being manufactured is calculated to be synonymous with the rest of the series: There are only 1,969 luxury timepieces in this series, matching the year that the Apollo shuttle landed on the moon. The case size measures a comfortable 46mm and is inspired by the events that centered on this momentous occasion. The materials used in the bezel are of stainless steel consisting of actual steel from the shuttle itself. The materials vary depending on the model, and some are adorned with diamonds or other gems. The back has been engraved with “the First Step on the Moon.”

    The watch face of this luxury timepiece is more than just functional; they are a work of art with a genius that surpasses any other. The dial is worked to mimic the rugged plane of the moon, being stamped with miniscule craters and contains dust from the moon. The style of the dial hands is not exempt from the Moon Dust DNA design, which pervades the entire watch. The hour and minute hands imitate the antennae on Sputnik. The second hand, set in a separate dial within the main dial, exemplifies the moon target as the shuttle prepared to land.

    Options for the strap are available with purchase, including crocodile hornback or black rubber. Interwoven with these are fibers from a spacesuit worn by an astronaut during the ISS mission.