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50 Fathoms

    Blancpain Watches are for the man who truly wants the best. These valuabletimepieces add sophistication and style to any wardrobe. Durable and rugged,the 50 Fathoms timepieces are made from luxurious metals and will add flairand functionality whether in the board-room or the beach. Your personalstyle speaks volumes about you and this watch tells your story with boldnessand appeal. This collector’‘s timepiece will be a heritage piece in yourcollection and will bring a lifetime of joy and elegance. Suited just aswell for a power-meeting or meters beneath the sea, this timepiece will be avalued addition to your personal collection

    Every woman wants a man who is rugged and chiseled. The strength of body andcharacter are reflected through a man’‘s unique style. Nothing will tell yourpersonal story like the Luxury Timepieces crafted by Blancpain Watches.These timepieces are nostalgic masterpieces which will take your wardrobe toa new level of sophistication.

    The 50 Fathoms Watches are magnificently complex and appealing, just likeyou. There are no other Luxury Watches which can compare in craftsmanshipand intricacy. With many stunning varieties to choose from, you will findthe perfect watch to compliment your personal character and style.

    These classic timepieces are detailed works of art. Each one is crafted fromthe world’‘s most durable and elegant metals and clockworks. These valuablecollectibles are made to endure all of your adventures whether they takeplace in the board-room or in the deep blue sea. Their elegance andweightiness reflect the quality of workmanship and each watch has its ownunique sense of sex appeal.

    Blancpain designed the 50 Fathoms timepieces to meet all of your needs. Theharmonious design will look handsome with any suit and cutting edge with anycasual attire. When you are ready to hit the waves, this timepiece willprovide you with luminous gauges for easy viewing in dark water as well as awater-resistant guarantee ranging anywhere from 100 to 300 meters, dependingon the model. This truly is an instrument of navigation.