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BR 03-92

    BR 03 -92: 60 minutes of luxury, every single hour.

    Bell & Ross are leading designers of luxury watches. Among the most prestigious and luxurious watches is the BR 03-92. This magnificent timepiece is a combination of fabulous jewels and the latest in watch technology. It is a sought after piece by the high and mighty in society and is found in exquisite jewelry shops as well as luxury item stores.

    The BR 03-92 from Bell & Ross, complete with polished-satin finish or glass bead blasted steel with black carbon power coating, photo luminescent hands and index marks for night reading, and anti-reflection sapphire crystal glas,s is the ultimate luxury watch. A must-have for every successful man with a taste for luxury; this watch is the definition of the highest quality of craftsmanship and is designed by today’‘s very best luxury watch makers.

    Nothing spells success on a wrist like the BR 03 - 92. It features automatic winding with hour, minute, second and date functions, and is water resistant up to 100 meters. It is a true symbol of success worn by aristocrats, wealthy moguls and Hollywood elite. The watch is a smaller version of the square shaped BR 01-92 and is housed in a 42mm case, 4mm smaller than the similar BR 01-92.

    Case metal choices are limited to plain or black coated stainless steel but various dial colors are available in both limited and non-limited editions. Designed for men who have a passion for perfection and elegance but need to keep up with the rigors of a rugged and busy profession, the BR 03 - 92 is the luxury timepiece envied by all other luxury timepieces.