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    Zenith Watches have a well deserved reputation for elegance, ruggedness and above all accuracy that puts many a higher priced watch to shame. The Academy from Zenith Watches is a perfect buy for someone seeking a watch that screams quality without being obvious, that is fashionable without being trendy, that is functional without being a large chunk of hardware hanging on the wrist. The Academy is the perfect watch for those with the soul of a true watch lover.

    The Academy from Zenith Watches features a platinum plated stainless steel case that resists corrosion. Its automatic movement is of the same legendary quality as other Zeniths. In fact, watch movements built by Zenith have been used as the heart of many watches from big name manufacturers.

    Truly, the movement is the heart of any luxury timepiece, and the Zenith El Primero, their signature movement, is till considered by many the finest mechanical watch movement on the planet. The El Primero movement undergoes a staggering 36,000 alterations per hour, allow an accurate resolution to as little as 1/10th of a second.

    The dial features a chronograph, chronometer, tachymeter, moon phase indicator, and perpetual calendar. The engraved Guilloche face of the watch is silver, and the hands are covered in 18 karat gold. The watchband is leather with a crocodile pattern. This watch is as rugged as it is beautiful, being water resistant to a depth of 100 feet.