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BR Tourbillon

    The variety of metal casings give this watch a wide range of styles from vintage to modern. The casing is virtually impossible to scratch. Tourbillons are reliable and long lasting.From Bell & Ross the Tourbillon is the most complicated wristwatch in their collection. The standard square shaped Tourbillons is an elegant frame for this multi-faced design. The Tourbillon is an excellent example of the ingenuity and progress of Bell & Ross in a short time of being a manufacture. This series comes in many case metal choices such as Stainless Steel or Rose Gold.

    The face of the Tourbillon is 44mm by 50mm. A professional that chooses the elegant rose gold casing will find the 18k rose gold a perfect accent for a vintage and classic look. The stainless silver casing give these luxury timepieces a more modern look. Depending on personal style any professional can find a Tourbillon that works for their business attire as well as their after hours wardrobe.

    The manual winding Troubillon contains a reserve indicator for maximum reliability. The power reserve can last up to 3 days. For the adventurous business professional, the Tourbillon is water resistant up to 100 meters. The black carbon fiber hands and index have photo-luminescent coating which makes for optimal night reading. These luxury watches are a great accessory for anyone looking for a reliable, accurate and unique watch.

    The Tourbillon has four additional complications built into the face of the watch. There is the timepiece itself, as well as a precision indicator and a power reserve indicator. The finishes on these watches are immaculate and make for a perfectly legible face. The casing comes coated in a Diamond Like Carbon which makes the surface virtually impossible to scratch. The upper plate has angle ribs and opens on the sides, this lengths the case while also increasing it’‘s resistance to scratches.

    The Tourbillon is an excellent choice for any business professional looking for the perfect statement. This watch is not only an accessory to a wardrobe, but is is also an investment in a watch that will last a lifetime.