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    Almost all TAG Heuer watches feature a round case. This is not the case with the Monaco Automatic. In the 1960s, the designer chose to break tradition and offer a square case that was called Monaco in reference to the Le Mans race. It quickly became a favorite after racing legend and screen star Steve McQueen sported it during the 1970 movie Le Mans.

    You can own the same stunning design with the TAG Heuer watches in the Monaco Automatic Chronograph Collection. Each one not only features the TAG Heuer logo but also the Monaco name printed in lacquer on the dial of this square beauty. There is the choice of dial color between black and an aqua blue.

    On the dial, there are square chronographs that are controlled by push buttons on the side of the watch on either side of the crown. In addition, there is a date feature at 6 o’clock. The rest of the watch remains very simply stated so that it does not add unnecessary graphics or designs that will overcomplicate the aesthetics. The hours are marked off with steel lines so that it is very evident of what time it is.

    There are hour, minute, and second hands that continue around the watch using automatic movement so that it is easy to tell what time it is. The strap of the watch is made for comfort, featuring either black or blue alligator leather or a rubber strap for an even sportier look.

    The crown is fluted so that it is very easy to adjust while the front case of the watch is durable to resist scratches. Sapphire crystal covers the watch so that even being worn daily, no scratches will appear.