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Link Lady

    Ladies everywhere have enjoyed the Link Ladies timepieces because they offer a petite case, many details including the possibility of diamonds as well as the TAG Heuer name ensuring the highest of quality.

    The 27mm case of stainless steel is the perfect size for most wrists and comes in at just a little over half of the size of a man’s watch. The details of the dial have been left simple and understated so that it does not distract from being able to tell what time it is.

    Special care has been put into the design of the links, offering a unique shape that is comfortable as well as extremely attractive. All of the bracelets have been made of stainless steel that offers a bit of a sporty feel yet is still elegant enough to be worn on special occasions, too, making it a very versatile choice for a luxury timepiece.

    Diamonds have been integrated into the design of many of these TAG Heuer watches, offering diamonds along the bezel, on the dial of the watch at the hour intervals or both, sending the watch beyond the daily wear and quickly into a more luxurious setting.

    The dial of the watch is round, offering a classic design with colors available in white or black so that it can go with virtually any ensemble for any occasion. The dial itself can change between the styles in the Link Ladies collection. Some feature a stainless steel marker for the hours while others have the numerals engraved on the stainless steel bezel that surrounds the dial. Others feature a date component at the 3 o’clock mark and others still offer chronographs for a more detailed time.