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    There are several designs of TAG Heuer watches that fall under the Link Automatic Collection, making it possible for gentlemen of all ages to express their personality with the choices in dial color, the features on the dial and much more.

    The automatic movement of the watch ensures that these TAG Heuer watches keep ticking so that you always know what time it is. Many of the watches offer additional features on the dial, including a date feature that will automatically keep track of what day of the week it is and display it on the watch. In addition, you may also find a model that has caught your eye because of the various chronographs, featuring detailed times up to 1/10 of a second.

    The dials of the watch can range in color from brown to white and even black, allowing one’s individuality to shine through in their choice of a luxury timepiece. Along the dial, there are hour and minute hands that are luminescent, allowing one to be able to know exactly what time it is, regardless of how dark it is.

    The bezel of the watch is going to depend on the model within these TAG Heuer watches that one chooses. Some are solid in color and brushed to keep with a quite sophistication while others are more detailed with markings.

    One of the most impressive aspects of the Link Automatic is the wristband itself. Made of stainless steel, the links are a bold design that offers a sporty look while being quite elegant at the same time. The links are molded to the wrist or so it seems, offering comfort hour after hour for all day long wear. There are also models that offer yellow gold inter-mixed for a bold display of individuality.