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Formula 1 Ladies

    For those who have always loved the classic dial of the Formula 1 design, the Formula 1 Diamond design offers an additional layer of luxury to watch lovers around the globe. The bezel of these watches are set with 120 diamonds for ladies everywhere to get a very feminine look while still being able to enjoy the classic design, too.

    These TAG Heuer watches use quartz movement to keep perfect time using both hour and hand markers. The markers are luminescent so that the time can be determined even in dark conditions. To keep the design elegant and simple, the numerals do not go around the entire dial in perfect order. Instead, they are only made known at the 3, 6, 9 and 12 intervals.

    The black face and silver numbers make it very easy to tell the time and the color combinations are visually stunning, making it a timepiece that can go with numerous fashions for just about any occasion – daily or special.

    To ensure that a woman’s style is captivated perfectly, this luxury timepiece is available in two styles of wristbands - a “nizza” fabric that has been woven from synthetic fibers or a metallic bracelet of stainless steel. Either one that is chosen, the designers have ensured that it is comfortable enough to be worn all day long and yet dressy enough to accompany even the most elegant of gowns as well.

    The crown of the watch is very detailed, yet tucked inside of an extension of the stainless steel case so that it is not very noticeable, adding to the level of cosmopolitan sophistication that this watch offers.