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Formula 1

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TAG Heuer watches are the ultimate luxury timepiece that any gentleman can possibly own. There is the choice of stainless steel or black rubber bands to secure the watch to the wrist, offering a sporty look that can be worn day or night. Whether you are going to a Formula 1 race, like racecars or just like the sporty edge that you get, the watch offers the luxury and the visual appeal for everyone.

In addition to the sporty feel of the wristband, the dial is presented to something very sophisticated, offering a very intricate chronograph. There is accurate time keeping with the Formula 1, using the hour and minute hand as well as the chronograph for the seconds. The colors of the dial are reminiscent of a tachometer with either a white or black face.

The bezel of the watch is particularly of interest because it is quite unique. The minutes are counted around the outside of the dial on the bezel in increments of five in bold numbers that can remind car enthusiasts of the speedometer that they see on a daily basis behind the wheel of their car.

The case is made of stainless steel for each of these TAG Heuer watches and is 42mm in size, offering durable, strong construction that can be worn day in and out for hours of comfort. There are plenty of ways to get your personality to be portrayed through the watch between the choices of the dial colors as well as the choices of wristbands.

The intricacy of the face of the watch shows that it has various components without being overwhelming in design to the point that it is difficult to read, too.