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    Fans of high-performance sports watches know the name of TAG Heuer Watches. This watch designer has made some of the handsomest and best-built watches to ever grace a regatta or a golf course, and their name has become a legend in the field. Sports figures like Tiger Woods have been conspicuously photographed wearing TAG Heuer watches, and they have become universally recognized symbols of discernment and taste.

    The Aquaracer Automatic series is one of the finest and most famous of their lines, exemplified here in this select group. Each luxury timepiece shows the concise, no-frills look that is identified with TAG Heuer Watches, characterized by a wide, flat bezel ridged in concentric circles and inscribed with five-second markers. On the dial face there is another set of second markers, within which are the non-numerical hour markers. The date window is in the 9 position and has a small magnifier for easy reading.

    While they are undeniably well-recognized style pieces, the appeal of TAG Heuer watches goes beyond their great looks. These Aquaracer Automatic pieces are some of the most durable watches in the world, each luxury timepiece having water resistance to a depth of 500 meters. There are no gems or mother-of-pearl here. Rather, stainless steel is the predominant material in the Aquaracer Automatic line with a bit of silver or rose gold showing up on some selections. The bracelets are either black rubber or metal link. Each luxury timepiece in the Aquaracer Automatic line can take the shocks and occasional dunks that are inevitable at water sporting events, and it is that durability and sound construction that has created the reputation of TAG Heuer Watches.