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Day-Date Masterpiece

    There are few luxury timepieces with the type of name recognition enjoyed by Rolex watches. For nearly 100 years, this famous Swiss watch manufacturer has been crafting some of finest wristwatches ever produced. Connoisseurs of fine timepieces and horological novices alike will swoon at the sheer, unbridled luxury offered by Rolex's Day-Date Masterpiece series.

    With 39-millimeter cases available in lustrous yellow gold and radiant, ultra-pure platinum, the Day-Date Masterpiece practically oozes extreme opulence and exclusivity. Every luxury timepiece in this Rolex collection features an incredible bezel of blazing round-cut white diamonds, each refracting incoming light in its own unique way; this watch is sure to attract plenty of attention. Unique dial colors and patterns further set this Rolex offering apart from the crowd. While all dials sport round-cut diamond indexes, each has an equally mesmerizing background design, from iridescent white mother of pearl, to rare, mysterious black mother of pearl and scintillating patterns like the yellow gold jubilee or meteorite. Watches in this collection are outfitted with bracelets composed of the same material as the case, or a mixture of rare metals.

    It is clear that timepieces in the Rolex Date-Day Masterpiece collection are beautiful works of art, but they are also fine specimens of meticulous horological engineering. Because Rolex designs, engineers, manufactures and assembles all of its own movements in-house, it can exercise extremely tight control over every aspect of the functions of its watches. The Day-Date Masterpiece packs a highly complex, COSC-certified movement that enables the day of the week to be displayed through a long, arcing window at 12 o'clock in the dial, and the date at the traditional three o'clock through a magnified window in the sapphire crystal.