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Day-Date President

There are perhaps no watch manufacturers with a more famous and widely known name than Rolex. Rolex watches connote luxury, supreme quality and outstanding, timeless style for good reason. More than 100 years of expertise engineering and manufacturing timepieces that are among the finest in the world have enabled the Swiss company to gain massive name recognition. Rolex's Day-Date series is a crowning achievement of horological engineering mastery.

Timepieces in the Rolex Day-Date collection feature Rolex's classic oyster cases sized mainly at 36 millimeters, but some are larger. Case metals include 18k yellow gold, white gold and even rarer still, platinum. A wide range of dial colors and patterns are offered, and include jet black, white, ice blue, various flavors of mother of pearl, such as grey, black and white, 18k gold and a unique, Rolex-designed scintillating pattern known as meteorite. The majority of pieces in the Day-Date collection feature indices rather than numerals. The most luxurious versions have white diamond indices. A handful of wristwatches in this collection use Roman numerals around the dial.

As this collection's name suggests, all timepieces included within it pack the same two complications. At three o'clock sits a classic magnified date window, certainly a handy feature on any watch. But the Day-Date takes this one step further by including a gently arced elongated rectangular cutout at 12 o'clock that displays the day of the week, which rotates on a disc beneath it. Together, these two complications provide everyday utility.

The Day-Date is driven by Rolex's famous, in-house engineered and manufactured COSC-certified movement for generations of flawless timekeeping. Calibration is achieved via a multi-function screw-down crown. Watches in this series are outfitted with bands matching the case metal.