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Datejust 26 Steel

Datejust has been a very popular line for Rolex Watches and the company has responded by expanding it into several variations, all showing the impressive design skill of Rolex Watches. Here we have a fabulous selection of Datejust timepieces, each luxury timepiece possessing a charm and dignity all its own.

These designers love to use the colors and shine of metal to great advantage, as is evident in all the pieces in the Datejust line. In these Rolex watches, the bright spark of gold or the cooler shades of brushed silver and stainless steel provide the basis of the visual experience. This company loves compositions built on roundness, and everything in Datejust flows around the circular dial. Each luxury timepiece has its own individual look and mood, with some exhibiting a more subdued aspect while others are more festive. The early selections in the line have ridges on the bezels, while some of those that follow have the wonderful, smooth bezels of brushed metal that have been seen on other Rolex watches.

Some of these Rolex watches are fully paved with diamonds, while on others the diamonds only appear on the bezel. On many of the models, the name Rolex seems to be rippling as if seen through moving water, a very interesting look. On other Datejust watches the face seems to be crisscrossed by strings of diamonds.

The watches of Datejust show a great deal of variation, some boasting Arabic numerals while others have Roman ones or non-numerical hour markers. The dials are simple compared to many other watches, with just hours, minutes and second hands as well as the magnified date window that gives Datejust its name.