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    It's all about style with Rolex Watches. Every luxury timepiece this company makes has got that stunning composition and superb use of color that we have come to expect from this Titan of watch design. This is a beauty that grabs the eye and holds it.

    The materials of the watches in the Date line are stainless steel, silver and white gold. The designers of Rolex Watches seem to have known that this luxury timepiece would work best with the cooler shades, and each one is a perfect little snowflake.

    Some of the bezels are brushed while others are ridged. Dials are shown in both light and dark models, all working well with those frosty metal tones. Arabic and Roman numerals are shown here, as well as some with non-numerical markers. The date window that gives this line its name is at the 3 position with a magnifier cut into the crystal above it.

    Each luxury timepiece in the Date line from Rolex Watches has a metal link bracelet, enhancing the metallic color. Movement is automatic.

    This is the latest version of Date, issued by Rolex Watches in 2007. These 34mm dials are concise and uncomplicated. The Date line is one of the most admirable creations of Rolex Watches to date, every luxury timepiece showing their legendary style. Perhaps the most impressive part is the Rolex crown emblem in the upper dial, always a symbol of quality and prestige.