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    Of all the fine watchmakers in the world, Rolex is probably the one known best to the average person. For most, the phrase "luxury timepiece" brings Rolex watches to mind, and with good reason. Rolex has some of the best looking and most soundly built watches in the world, as is evident from even a glance at their Cellini line.

    These are watches to die for, gorgeous shapes and dials that simply must be noticed. The selection begins with the Cellini Classic, a pocket watch that could have been in the pocket of Sherlock Holmes. After that we are treated to one magnificent luxury timepiece after another, circular cases of rose, white or yellow gold enclosing dials of consummate style. Some dials are gold or platinum, others are mother-of-pearl. Diamonds show up on some of these Rolex watches, while others have a simpler, more reserved aspect. While most of these Rolex watches are uncomplicated, some of them do have small second hands. All the metal is deliciously rounded and brushed, the softness of their light adding to the impeccable composition. Even the lugs are tapered, following the line of the dials.

    For those who are shopping for bling, there are some magnificent jeweled watches toward the end of the selection. These include the pink and blue Cellini orchids, the dial of each luxury timepiece surrounded by a triple row of glistening gems. After this we see the mellow shine of gold on the Cellini Danaos and two of the Cellini Quartz models. The final selections in this lineup of Rolex watches are the Cellini Cellissima watches, their bezels alight with diamonds.