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Older Models

    The traditional look of this series of watches makes it a classic example of how skilled watchmakers can integrate modern features within the confines of a classic watch body and design. The Arabic numerals are artfully displayed in a unique font, while the date is shown at the six o'clock mark, creating a functional look that is most likely to be appreciated by someone with an eye for vintage style watches.

    The Upstream series from Piaget is worth serious consideration from someone who not only enjoys watches for their collectability, but who also appreciates a fine watch which can be worn as a practical timepiece with show, class, and high functionality. Regardless of one's affinity for more complex watches, the elegant simplicity of a watch, which shows the time in a very readable format, coupled with a self-winding movement, makes it nearly irresistible in its simple charms. This is a lot for a series of watches to lay claim to, and it does not disappoint in the least.

    The Piaget Upstream is unique in that it lets users establish themselves as people with class, charm, and poise without coming across as pretentious. Nothing about these watches is pretentious; the quality matched with modern features makes it a true example of timeless craftsmanship and artistry, two essential ingredients in any finished timepiece that establishes itself as a luxury watch. Piaget watches have long been known for this kind of innovation in their watches. These, clearly, are fine masterpieces of precision. Whether you've just started collecting luxury watches or you're an expert in the field, whether you buy for personal use or you're in the resale business, this is a series that should get your due attention.