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Tradition Gold Bracelet

    If you are looking for a traditional bracelet for your Piaget watch that also has a flair for luxury, you're in the right place. These watches are stunning timepieces that offer more than just the time. They are jewelry first and a timepiece second, making them an elegant choice to be worn with formal wear, a night on the town or any other occasion of your choosing.

    There are many watches that have a basic bracelet that cannot be used for going out because it simply is not elegant enough. The tradition gold bracelet offer beauty in white gold that matches with virtually anything in a wardrobe.

    In addition to featuring an awe-inspired bracelet, the watch itself is cased with small, flawless diamonds in many of the models. This adds to the beauty of these timepieces so that they are closely regarded as a favorite in anyone's collection.

    There is the ability to have a little color mixed into the watch as well. Many of the designs feature a face that is covered in stones with the mix in of emeralds or sapphires to add a splash of color to the wardrobe.

    These Piaget watches keep perfect time using automatic movement. There are no chronographs on these pieces, simply the hour and minute hands so that one can focus just on the time without crowding the design with unnecessary features.

    All of these watches feature very clean lines, round faces and simple, yet graceful class. There are neither bold colors nor any busy scenes that distract from the high quality of the watches, making them a favorite among many celebrities.