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    There is a quiet sophistication about the Possession line of Piaget watches that make them not only popular but also highly sought after. They were designed for women who want not only functionality from a watch but to feel like they are wearing a fine piece of jewelry as well. The designers have succeeded magnificently by creating a stunning piece of artwork.

    The watches feature a round face that has a unique graphic for the hour markers. Rather than the traditional markings where all of the numbers are displayed, or simply the bold 12 and 6, the Possession line has chosen to highlight just the 3, 6, and 2, making it extremely unique within watch designs, creating a very desirable effect to those who want to be a little different.

    The straps or bracelets of the watch are also very unique. In many of the designs, rather than offering leather or stainless steel, it is a satin strap in black that keeps it strapped to the wrist. It is also available in a white gold bracelet, which can be covered in diamonds, as well, should one desire it to be so.

    The designs of the bezel and casing can be as extraordinary or as subtle as one wishes. It can be as simple as a polished gold or one that is encrusted with flawless diamonds, or somewhere in between.

    There is much to be said about Piaget watches and how well they have made women look over the years with their beautiful designs and creative ways of incorporating style. The Possession line has outdone itself, though. Offering unique ways to apply a timepiece to such a gorgeous piece of jewelry is simply breathtaking.