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Miss Protocole

    As well known for its exceptional jewelry making as it is for its manufacture of fine timepieces, Piaget is a world leader in high design and horological innovation. One of the finest examples of the merger between these two disciplines is the Miss Protocole wristwatch line.

    Every timepiece in Piaget's Miss Protocole series is nothing short of astonishing. With highly unique rectangular cases, watches in this line are sure to draw the attention and comments of anyone close enough to see one on the wrist. On the decidedly more reserved end of the spectrum is the brilliant, polished white gold-clad Miss Protocole Classic with a very simple mother-of-pearl dial. From here, offerings in this series steadily become more lavish. Some versions of the Miss Protocole are completely encrusted in the finest, most radiant hand-selected white diamonds available, including the entire dial. Other versions within the line are diamond encrusted too, but also feature fantastically detailed ceramic designs that sprawl across the bezel and dial, and include various flowers, like irises, orchids and cherry blossoms, and ocean-themed elements, such as shells, coral and sea stars. These are truly jaw-dropping pieces, and are certainly as worthy of being displayed in a fine art gallery as they are on the wrist. Most watches in this series feature interchangeable owner-detachable bands.

    Piaget watches are as renown among horological enthusiasts for both their mechanical and quartz movements as they are for their design. In fact, in 1976 Piaget designed the world's thinnest, most advanced quartz movement. This extraordinary and unrivaled level of micro-electrical engineering expertise has been packed into the quartz mechanism driving each of the timepieces in the Miss Piaget collection.