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This collection is certainly not for the faint of heart. With bold and dazzling designs, each timepiece is designed to draw attention and captivate. These ladies watches are created using only the finest 18k white gold, a feminine metal that is set off with brilliant diamonds. Each of these stones is hand selected for a watch, with master artists ensuring that the hue of each stone matches or contrasts perfectly with the selected piece.

It should come as no surprise that a Piaget collection is anything but spectacular. The Swiss Piaget Company itself has been creating remarkable timepieces since the 19th century. Today, Piaget is known for being a prestigious brand, using master watchmakers to create timeless pieces that are true showstoppers.

Each of the Limelight watches is designed to be worn in a variety of situations. It can be worn every day as a flamboyant and dazzling casual piece, thanks to some of the whimsical oval and heart shaped designs. In contrast however, it can be elevated to a classic piece on a special occasion demanding the finest of attire and flawless accessories. The versatility of this collection is one of the many highlights.

No woman will blend in while wearing a watch from this brilliant Piaget Limelight collection. These timepieces exude confidence, elegance, and beauty on behalf of the wearer, and every woman will be able to find a fantastic design that suits her individual tastes and style.