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Exceptional Pieces

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There are many pieces of jewelry that are simply pieces of jewelry, while there are also watches that are just that. Piaget watches have taken the meaning of watches and expanded the definition to include very unique pieces that are for watch lovers and jewelry lovers alike. Now, rather than buying two pieces and having to decide between the two of them, the Exceptional Pieces combine the best of both worlds.

Imagine having a gorgeous white gold and diamond bracelet surrounding a large part of your arm as well as having the Piaget name embedded inside of it, helping you to always know what time it is as well. Now you can have exactly that.

Many of the designs from the Exceptional Pieces border on haute couture, being very bold and beautiful, using exceptional designs as well as the highest quality materials to produce something that is very individual for a very loud personality.

Some of the other designs focus on keeping within the standard boundaries of a watch and boosting the exceptional aspect of the look by several notches. Some of the watches feature over 50 carats of diamonds on them, ranging from the face of the watch, the bezel, the casing as well as the bracelet.

When you are looking to make a fashion statement and show the world that you are a force to be reckoned with, you can do it with these Piaget watches. They are no longer just a timepiece – they are a means of expressing yourself using remarkable class and sophistication in design that no other brand even dares to experiment with.