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Creative Collection

    The idea behind many of the Piaget watches of the Creative Collection is to give you a watch that doubles as jewelry. Many, at quick glance, may not even realize that you are donning a watch because of the sophistication of the design and the hidden face of the watch.

    Many of the beautiful designs not only tell time but double as either a ring, a bracelet or take on the look of a corset. These watches are very intricate in design that only Piaget watches can bring.

    Keeping perfect time with quartz movement, these watches are designed as close to perfection as the brand can reach. The casings are in white gold on many of the designs and the face of each watch has very finely engraved components. There are hour markers on each face to make it easy to tell what time it is without boldly placing numbers to distract from the beauty of the design.

    There are many watches within the Creative Collection for women that are very loud, while some of the watches for the gentlemen are bold yet still very sophisticated. It all comes down to how the watch is presented.

    Each design from the Piaget watch collection gets its inspiration from something other than what it actually is. Leather corsets, Ferris wheels and so much more are being lent to these futuristic designs that draw in attention to anyone who dares to wear the design.

    Each is made with the same great quality that Piaget is known for, while displaying the highest craftsmanship because of the various baroque traits that encompass every one of the watches in the collection. Style is in the eye of the beholder and many need to have a bold and lively personality to pull these stunning pieces off.