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Black Tie

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Black tie watches by Piaget are the epitome of elegance and style. Featuring rectangular, round or even tonneau faces that are slim and discreet, so you can keep the focus on you and not on a bulky watch. Piaget watches are designed for both men and women to wear and enjoy. The Black Tie collection features bands and faces in every color from silver and white to gold and black. Choose a high polished facing for yourself and a diamond trimmed facing for your lovely wife.

These watches are also available with different features. All of the watches in this collection are elegant with their streamlined design and refined finishes. Choose a timekeeper that lets you view the mechanisms of the watch or a more traditional piece that keeps the focus solely on telling the time.

Historically, the finest watchmakers in the world have chosen Tourbillon movements when crafting high-quality watches. The Black Tie collection from Piaget also offer Tourbillon watches that are guaranteed to be of the finest quality and will keep the most accurate time.

The watches also feature scratch resistant crystals. You can wear them with confidence knowing that your watch will stand the test of time and will not be prone to scratching. Because the casings are designed using gold, you are guaranteed that the color will hold, along with the high value.

All casings are crafted from the highest quality 18k gold in a variety of shades. The quality of Piaget watches is unmatched and the styling is unrivaled. The watches are brilliant timekeepers that are elegant and sophisticated. Appropriate for any occasion and sure to be treasured by those who own them, Piaget watches are designed to provide you with years of valuable service