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Piaget watches are widely recognized for their beautiful appearance and durable craftsmanship. While other major watch manufacturers focus on producing sports watches, Piaget has created its own niche in the category of jewelry and dress watches. Their opulent designs are not only useful for the ability to tell time, but also serve as a decorative piece of jewelry that is guaranteed to strike feelings of envy in observers.

The Altiplano series by Piaget is one of their most popular lines of dress watches. While Piaget watches are primarily focused on their aesthetic beauty, they also keep up with innovations in watch technology. Like many other watch manufacturers, Piaget has even patented its own movement. This ultra-thin movement results in sturdily constructed, yet slim and lightweight watch. Its delicate appearance is perfect for any upscale occasion.

Those seeking a well-designed dress watch will be pleased by the expansive selection available in the Altiplano series. A wide variety of watches for both men and women are available in different colors, shapes, and band styles. Those looking for a clean, simple design will be pleased by models such as Altiplano Serie Anniversaire and Altiplano Large, which feature simple dials with easy to read numerals. Customers seeking a little more flair may enjoy Altiplano Fingerprint or Altiplano Large, both of which feature sparkling diamonds on their intricately designed faces. The eccentric trendsetters out there may enjoy the Skeleton model, which displays the beautiful interior mechanism of the watch. No matter which is design is selected, anyone is sure to be impressed by the fine quality and elegant appearance of these exquisitely designed watches.