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Twenty-4 Collection

    The Twenty-4 Collection of Ladies watches by Patek Philippe features a very rectangular, slimline design that is very elegant and practical. There is a very petite casing involved (around 25mm), which can be of yellow gold, white gold or encrusted in diamonds.

    There is something very clean and understated about this design that makes it so popular. Women can choose to have the bracelet of gold or leather, making it a great watch to appeal to the masses – it can be worn everyday or on special occasions.

    Many of the lines of this watch is very contemporary, offering a very rigid rectangular shape while at the same time incorporating curves that start on the face of the watch and extend all the way through the bracelet, giving it a very artsy, modern edge to the Patek Philippe watches.

    The watch is very clear to read, making it possible to quickly tell the time in a split second. Roman numerals that are in a very bold font mark both the 12 and the 6 hours and some feature lines for the additional hours. Beyond that, there is simply the Patek Philippe logo and the rest is left clean in breathtaking elegance.

    This Twenty-4 Collection of watches goes beyond practicality and functionality, featuring a crisp design that can be worn on any wrist comfortably all day long. These are timepieces that feature a quartz battery, helping to keep time hour after hour, year after year.

    In addition to the understated elegance of the design, many of the watches are also water resistant up to 25 meters as well as being a gorgeous ensemble to any other piece of jewelry worn.