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    There are many watches that feature exquisite design but none that offer the casual elegance that the Nautilus line offers. These are both sporty, being water resistant to up to 120 meters as well as extremely classy with such clean sophisticated bracelets made from stainless steel and genuine leather.

    Timepieces are meant to be worn and Patek Philippe makes sure that it is comfortable to be worn all day long. Each piece is handcrafted with attention to detail so that the clasps of the bracelet form an adequate fit without being too loose or too tight.

    Maritime vessels have inspired the shape of the Nautilus design. If you take a look at the face, it should remind you of the face of a porthole. This is the design that has taken hold of the entire line, featuring easy to read numbers and often many graphic additions to add a little bit of luxury in addition to the maritime style.

    The Patek Philippe watches are very subtle about this design. There is nothing too bold, however at closer examination, there are many aspects to the watch that make it truly magnificent. There are lines and studs on the face of the watch and many of the models offer very intricate bezels as well.

    Some of the bezels are simply brightly polished, honing in simply on the time of day or night. Others have gone beyond the basics, offering superb engravings or studded with diamonds for a more luxurious offering on the classic design.

    Many of the watches offer additional functionality with date features and chronographs, as well. All keep perfect time because of the elaborate engineering inside.