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Gondolo Ladies

    Gondolo Ladies watches offer subtle contemporary designs that are both functional as well as breathtaking in design. There are several different models under this line, so women can choose one to be worn every day or only on special occasions.

    Patek Philippe watches have always been known for their exquisite designs and their clean-cut, flawless casings, however the Gondolo line pushes the envelope just a little bit more. Many of these casings and dials are more extravagant than ever before while offering some very whimsical shapes at the same time. Some of the dials are cut from pearl while others are a solid metal design.

    Within each watch face, you can find many exciting and awe-inspiring shapes that can look absolutely exquisite on your wrist. Oblong, rectangle and slightly curved are all available so that a bit of personality and style are expressed in addition to just the function of being able to tell time. As a result, the watch becomes stunning jewelry and not just a timepiece.

    The bracelets of the watches are equally as magnificent. They range in styles and materials from fine, genuine leather to soft silk bands and even highly detailed white gold links. Any that is chosen, they will speak volumes about class and sophistication as well as offering comfort all day long.

    The watches are made with thousands of parts inside to ensure that they keep perfect time as well. This means that it's not just something truly gorgeous to behold but that it truly serves a practical function as well.

    Patek Philippe watches have been around for a long time and everyone knows the style that has made them famous. The Gondolo collection broadens that range, giving a modern twist on elegance.