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    There are very few watches that properly translate a contemporary looking watch into something quite as elegant as the Gondolo. This collection was launched in 1993 as a way for the company to show that they offer something a little edgier and still appeal to the very sophisticated clientele.

    The success is evident in the various designs from the Gondolo design. The designs are pushed to the limit, looking outside of the standard shapes for watches and going above and beyond with ovals, abstract squares and many other unique shapes. Each watch is fitted onto a leather bracelet strap that keeps the watch looking very authentic for Patek Philippe as well as being something that is highly professional, should someone want to wear it every day.

    The face craftsmanship changes from model to model within the Gondolo line to appeal to any and everyone. There are some that offer a simple marking for the hours while others focus on a very artsy font for the roman numerals or numbers.

    A quick glance into the face of the watch and anyone will know that it is a Patek Philippe because of its utmost attention to detail. Sleek, polished bezels surround the watch and the functions inside keep it ticking in perfect time. The intricacies of the watch are almost lost should you not stare into the face for a few moments. There are details around the numbers, the border and even in the center of the watch.

    Sophistication and beauty are in the eye of the beholder, however with these Gondolo Patek Philippe watches, no one can argue that these are stunning pieces of jewelry that hold up to the test of being functional and contemporary.