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Golden Ellipse

    There are many watches that are overly complicated that don't offer anything to the person who is actually wearing the watch. When simple elegance is desired, the Golden Ellipse line is just the watch.

    Patek Philippe watches are known the world over for their simplicity as well as their bold designs. Both of these features are combined into a creation that can be worn every day of the week or only on special occasions.

    A close look at the design, one will notice that there are magnificent lines. The face of the watch is oblong, rather than creating harsh corners or being a very understated round shape. This unique shape makes it very easy to tell exactly what time it is despite the face not featuring numbers.

    There are times that subtle is the desired effect for the jewelry. When you're not looking for something flashy but still visually appealing, you will take comfort in the Golden Ellipse designs because of the beautiful proportions and the stunning gold markers that are used to pronounce each hour.

    Golden Ellipse features a few different designs for a man to choose from. All of the bracelets are made from genuine leather, however there is the choice of black or brown. The leather is very comfortable for all day wear. There is also the face color that needs to be determined – being given the choice of navy or chocolate brown.

    The design may be very simple but the practicality speaks volumes. The only works that grace the presence of the watch is Patek Philippe, so that everyone knows that it is not only an exquisite watch in aesthetics but in design as well. It is a self-winding watch that will keep time effortlessly for years.