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Aquanaut Ladies

    Shoppers will find sports watches to match their workout apparel in this elegant assortment of watches in the Aquanaut Ladies collection. Most of the watches in this collection have rubber straps. One watch has a stainless steel bracelet. All watch dials have an embossed pattern that matches the grid pattern on the rubber straps.

    Ladies who want watches in darker colors can choose from watches with purple, ocean blue, chocolate brown and black straps. These watches have one or two rows of diamonds surrounding the bezels. The cases are stainless steel or white gold. The dials on these watches are the same colors as the straps.

    There are watches in pastel and light shades to match a casual spring wardrobe. Watches with ice blue straps and dials have white gold or stainless steel cases. Two rows of diamonds surround the bezel on the watch with a white gold cases. The watch with a stainless steel case has one row of diamonds on the bezel.

    Ladies who want white watches to match white tennis outfits can purchase them with stainless steel or white gold cases. One or two rows of diamonds surround the bezels on these watches.

    Aquanaut Ladies watches are available with khaki or grey dials and straps. Cases on these watches are white gold or stainless steel. Ladies can choose a watch with one or two rows of diamonds on the bezel.

    The bezel on the stainless steel watch has 46 diamonds. This watch is available with a black or white dial.

    A watch from the Aquanaut Ladies collection is an attractive accessory that looks great with casual attire.