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    Watches should be timeless as well as represent a person's personality. When you choose the Aquanaut line of Patek Philippe watches, you are choosing exactly that. This is wonderful watch that is both sporty and technical.

    There is the choice of what is referred to as the “Tropical” strap that is hypo-allergenic and made from high-tech materials to wear when you are playing sports or simply very active. Should you want something a little fancier, there is also the stainless steel bracelet that you may opt for.

    The structure of the watch is very solid, making it designed for even the most rugged of men. Each watch can be submerged into water and be resistant up to 120 meters. The watch is also very easy to read, with large, carefully chosen numbers so that the time can be recognized no matter where you are.

    The dials are cleanly embossed and everything about the face makes it both a stunning timepiece as well as extremely practical. There are no chronometers on the face that take up room and make it difficult to view the basic elegance of the piece. Instead, with close attention, you will see a design across the face that adds both a little bit of color as well as a touch of sophistication.

    There are some watches that have been designed for style while others are designed to be comfortable. The Aquanaut has been carefully created to combine both of these features into one watch, making it a very popular design for the man on the go. There's no sense in weighting down your wrist with something that you don't need, which is why the Patek Philippe watch has been created.