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Pershing Gents

    Style and sophistication are bundled into these watches for gentlemen. The Parmigiani Fleurier watches have been around since 1996 and have only increased their designs and their engineering feats since then. Year after year, quality is mastered closer to perfection. All of these feature automatic chronograph movement, keeping perfect time day after day.

    The Pershing 45 watches offer a bulky, innovate design for men to be able to actually feel that they have a watch on their wrist. Many of these offer a sportier design that can be worn all day long. The 45mm diameter casing covers a significant amount of the wrist, offering a rugged look to the timepiece.

    In addition, the watches offer brightly colored faces of red and green to some quieter, subtler colors such as black and silver. There is a color combination for every man so that his personality can be properly expressed through the watch that he chooses.

    The bracelet of the watches range in material. There is a rubber bracelet for the ones who want to wear it playing sports, working hard or simply play rough. There is also genuine leather for a more luxurious look as well as stainless steel to help dress up the look for formal evenings as well.

    No matter what a man's personal style is, there is a Pershing 45 that is right for everyone. The exceptionally cut cases as well as the magnificently crafted chronographs on the face of the watch are absolutely breathtaking. The cases can be in stainless steel or 18 karat gold, making it available to everyone's preference.

    Parmigiani Fleurier watches were designed to fill a niche and with the Pershing 45 line, it is no wonder that they have been so successful.