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Special Editions 2007

    Here's an array of excellent luxury timepieces from a few years back, which other sources would claim can no longer be found. Our extensive sourcing network allows us to find items that others can't and offer them to you at a sweet savings.

    The Radiomir line is one of the great classics of Officine Panerai's history, represented here by three luxury timepieces built to the specifications of the originals. Large, luminous numerals and hourmarkers make a strong contrast with the dark faces, with the authentic "Radiomir Panerai" name under 12 o'clock. Officine Panerai's luxury timepieces often leave one amazed at how futuristic the past looked, and these are no exception.

    The marine chronometer is not a wristwatch, but a precision instrument in a box. Here we see the other side of Officine Panerai, the maker of professional timepieces and instruments. Officine Panerai supplied precision instruments to the Italian navy, and that skill continues today. Their items for the nautical industry are unparalleled, as this chronometer shows.

    The last of these luxury timepieces is a commemorative edition for the Classic Yachts Challenge of 2007. There's a small seconds hand at 9 and a minute counter at 3 as well as a split-seconds hand. Like many of Officine Panerai's marine watches, this has a tachymeter scale around the edge allowing the calculation of speed from elapsed time.