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Luminor Marina (Historic)

    These luxury timepieces are beautiful, but there's more here than just good looks. Since the lives of Italian military divers once depended on them, these watches are impeccably designed to give many years of flawless performance.

    Since these are single-function luxury timepieces, the broad face is uncluttered. These Officine Panerai watches have the distinctive feature that has been seen on many of their other works, a metal guard over the crown. This is a response to the fact that in many luxury timepieces the crown is the most fragile part on the outside of the watch, and will sometimes pop off if the watch gets stepped on or subjected to some other stress.

    In other words, these beauties from Officine Panerai are some very tough luxury timepieces. They can take pressures that would reduce some watches to fragments and keep on performing.

    One might suppose that such strongly built watches might look heavy and clumsy, but this is not so. While it is true that the dials are a hefty 44mm, the sleek design and uncrowded faces convey a sense of streamlined beauty that seems at odds with its rock-solid construction. Officine Panerai is adept at making luxury timepieces that are tough as bricks, but certainly don't look like them.

    Here we see the design with light and dark faces, and it's easy to see why Officine Panerai brought them back. They don't look "retro" at all. In fact, the unsuspecting shopper might be forgiven for thinking that this is a new design just off the drawing board. These luxury timepieces from Officine Panerai still possess the warmth and style of the originals, undiminished today.